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You won’t find our foods in mega pet stores because we believe innovation thrives in independent stores, where the focus is on health and nutrition.

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It's wonderful having a company that not only supplies great pet foods, but is there to answer questions and stands behind their products. As a breeder of Show Anita’s, it is very important to find the right products that bring out the best in my Anita’s. I love the results I see in my Akita's health and coats. I find your products to be great in quality and price ...
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I want to take time to personally thank you for the high quality food you produce....being listed on the top 100 recommended foods from Whole Dog Journal is very important to me. I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am I made the switch to NutriSource. I am relieved that your product does not contain wheat gluten ...
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Our Story

We are three generations of families located in Perham, Minnesota producing healthy pet foods since 1964. We exemplify the heart of small towns everywhere: compassion, integrity, and a deep-rooted sense of community guide our choices.

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Why cats pee in unexpected places and other things to know about managing a litterbox

Why cats pee in unexpected places and other things to know about managing a litterbox

There’s nothing that sparks joy like bringing your cat home for the first time. You likely got a cat because they require much less training and maintenance than a dog. However, some training may be necessary, as you may find your new feline friend likes to pee outside of their litterbox. Cats can be a bit stubborn at times, but training them to use their litterbox regularly is relatively easy.

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