Our Rescued Pets

Pets aren’t just in our job descriptions, they’re also in our families.

We simply couldn’t do without their unique personalities and hilarious antics in our lives! Many of them are from rescues and shelters around the U.S. Here’s the rundown on a few of our rescued BFFs (best furry friends).

Jinx – “The Goofball”

Mom: Sheila Hamlett, Safety Director
Home: Ottertail, MN
Rescued from: Caring Hearts Rescue of Perham, MN
Fave NutriSource formula: Pure Vita Salmon and Peas

Best known for: Running zoomies around the house without chasing or being chased by anyone, carrying his toy mouse around the house like a lion pup, and meowing like he’s asking a question. Jinxy cat, we love that you think we have all the answers.

Lulu – “The Original Roomba”

Dad: Colin Redding, Territory Sales Manager
Home: Kula, HI
Rescued from: Arizona Humane Society
Fave NutriSource formula: All of them. Fur real.

Best known for: Keeping the floors so clean you could eat off of ‘em (because she already did), sunbathing on her back in 100-degree heat, snuggling with her hoomans at every opportunity, and greeting the neighborhood cows, who she thinks are gigantic doggos. Lulu, you can Roomba our houses anytime.

Paige Madison – “The Attention Diva”

Dad: Roger Harvey, Territory Sales Representative
Home: Holtwood, PA
Rescued from: Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

Fave NutriSource formula: Pure Vita Venison and NutriSource Beef and Rice
Best known for: Sitting like a human on chairs and sofas, listening worse than a teenager, and checking on her paw-rents to make sure they’re really asleep before she hits the hay. They have a sneaking suspicion she is actually an animagus.

Annie, alias Nanners – “The Sassy Pants”

Dad: Jonnie Schmitz, Business Development Manager
Home: Perham, MN
Rescued from: Homeward Bound Dog Rescue
Fave NutriSource formula: NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice

Best known for: Inserting herself and her houndy opinions into every conversation, curling up next to her fur siblings, snuggling with her humans on the couch, warming her cold nose under the covers, and autographing the windows with her nose marks until someone lets her outside.

Sawyer – “The Momma’s Boy”

Mom: Ashley Schmitz, Company Daycare Provider
Home: Perham, MN
Rescued from: The Marshmallow Foundation Shelter and Adoption Center
Fave NutriSource formula: NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice

Best known for: Convincing his foster paw-rents to adopt him fur keeps, having three other fur siblings, his fun-loving personality, his need to be in the exact middle of the action, and his ability to melt away the stress and anxiety of everyone he meets.

Lilly – “The Energizer Bunny”

Dad: James Conaway, Territory Sales Manager, Southern California
Home: Acton, CA
Rescued from: Shelter Hope Pet Shop
Fave NutriSource formula: NutriSource Trout and Rice

Best known for: Being BFFs with her five-year-old human brother, catching frisbees like it ain’t no thang, eating literally anything from carrots to cantaloupe, tucking herself into bed in her crate each night, and not letting her fam read bedtime stories without her.

Wrigley – “The Olympic Snuggler”

Dad: Darren Fujii, Chief Growth Officer
Home: Perham, MN
Rescued from: Arizona Dachshund Rescue
Fave NutriSource formula: NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice

Best known for: Being excited to go literally anywhere, being best buds with his human siblings, skipping his rear legs (out of sheer joy) when he walks on a leash, and strategically napping inside his family’s open suitcase to make sure he’d be coming with them when they moved from Arizona to Minne-snowta.

Ruby – “The Barbie Dog”

Mom: Kelly Burns, Regional Sales Manager, Tuffy’s
Home: Evergreen, CO
Rescued from: Hope For Animals – Clear Creek Rescue
Fave NutriSource formula: Pure Vita Kangaroo and Green Lentils

Best known for: Loving everyone and being paw-sitive they love her, too, being a princess and a social butterfly, post-dinner break-dancing, knowing her momma was pregnant even before she did, and sleeping on the bed with her every night no matter what