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Choice NutriSource PureVita Element Series
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You won’t find our foods in mega pet stores because we believe innovation thrives in independent stores, where the focus is on health and nutrition.

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Choice NutriSource PureVita Element Series

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I just wanted to take a moment just to say thank you for a wonderful product. After a year of trouble with other foods. I came across your large breed adult formula. I have two great Danes, Zeta and Minxae Jinxae, they have both been on your formula for 8 months now and are doing fantastic. Their coats are glossy, health is great, and even better....stools are nearly perfect! So, thank you so much for a quality healthy product. 33lbs. Every 10 days! Worth every extra penny ...
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We rescued our dog from the local shelter when she was a puppy and now she is 3 years old. We have tried her on numerous dog food brands because of her very sensitive GI tract. NutriSource has so far been the only dog food that she can tolerate. She has kept her weight within the normal range and our friends would comment on how healthy she looks as well as how pretty and shiny her coat is ...
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Our Story

We are three generations of families located in Perham, Minnesota producing healthy pet foods since 1964. We exemplify the heart of small towns everywhere: compassion, integrity, and a deep-rooted sense of community guide our choices.

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Bringing a dog into the family comes with plenty of benefits. They can teach your kids to be respectful, responsible and cooperative. They can also be a great excuse to get outside for daily walks. Either way, dogs can provide us with a whole new perspective on life and give us a reason to smile. If you’re looking at getting one for you and your family, you may want to do your homework first. Like humans, dogs can have their own distinct personalities. And sometimes, those personalities don’t mesh well if you or your furry friend have different expectations.

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