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We are committed to independent pet stores.

You won’t find our foods in mega pet stores because we believe innovation thrives in independent stores, where the focus is on health and nutrition.

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We believe our passion for pets is best reflected in neighborhood stores, who know how to help customers make the best choices for their pets.

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Our Story

We are three generations of families located in Perham, Minnesota producing healthy pet foods since 1964. We exemplify the heart of small towns everywhere: compassion, integrity, and a deep-rooted sense of community guide our choices.

Your complete guide to the Maine Coon cat

Your complete guide to the Maine Coon cat

What kind of pet does a Maine Coon cat make? Enthusiasts of the breed will readily tell you these giant fluffballs have gentle personalities, are tolerant around children and can handle living in households with other pets. Though they keep their distance at first when new people come around, they don’t stay away for long..

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