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Happier Dog | Healthier Gut | Optimized Nutrition

Happier Dog

Dogs love sniffing out and tasting new foods. Give your dog the variety he’s drooling for. Tails will wag. Faces will be slobbered.

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Happier Dog | Healthier Gut | Optimized Nutrition

Healthier Gut

Stop food issues before they start. Giving your dog the same protein day after day can set off allergies and ingredient intolerances. Full Circle Feeding can help maintain good gut health—from pup to grandpaw.

Optimized Nutrition

Animal proteins—like chicken, turkey or beef—have different amino acid profiles. Each amino acid plays a different role, building cells and keeping systems running. Rotate proteins and introduce all the beneficial amino acids you need for a healthier hound.

How to Go Full Circle

Only Good 4 Life is packed with probiotics, prebiotics and proprietary minerals. It’s deliciously designed to help heal your dog’s gut and make rotational feeding as easy as, “sit, shake.”

Choose one of many tasty dry kibble options. All built on our Good 4 Life system, formulated for all of our furry friends – small breeds, large breeds, puppies, adults, seniors and those with sensitivities. Grab a large bag of kibble or if you’d like to buy smaller bags and start rotating diets more frequently, that’s a great option too.
Step 1

Pick your

Add a wet entrée for texture and aroma dogs love. This can be the whole evening meal or mix it with the kibble. Proper portioning is key – don’t overdo it! C
Step 2

Make mealtime
more exciting

Treat your pup to an extra boost. Come-Pooch-a Toppers can also help entice picky eaters and help promote extra digestion through postbiotics. It’s a tasty, easy addition to top off the paw-fect meal.
Step 3

Who's been
a good dog?

A variety can give your pooch all the essential amino acids – and a break from the blah. When you’re ready to replenish your dog’s kibble, consider the air, land and sea approach to rotating your proteins. By trading off the sources, it’ll help keep your dog from developing intolerances. C
Step 4

Rotate your
& carbs

Step 5

Sit. Enjoy the results. Stay.

Even after a short time, you’ll notice results in your dog. Less scratching. Less paw licking. Less poo. And, best of all, more energy to love you all over. Continue to complete Full Circle Feeding for the complete dog.

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product group: Element Series Open Waters, PureVita Beef & Red Lentils Entree, Come-pooch-a Beef Bone Broth, NutriSource Soft & Chewy Chicken Treats,  NutriSource Canned Small & Medium Breed Puppy

Keep it fresh. Load up on several smaller bags of kibble.

Keep it interesting. Don’t shy from novel proteins: Bison, kangaroo, wild boar  and duck all have a unique slate of amino acids.

Keep it moving. Trade off grain-inclusive formulas with grain-free as well as our PureVita and Element Series line.

Keep it fun. Reward your best bud with nutritious treats. Protein-dense. Low-calorie. We even have functional treat options for hip-and-joint and skin-and-coat support.

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