Frequently Asked Questions
Does your packaging contain any PFAS?
We carefully source our packaging just like we do our raw ingredients. Your NutriSource package does not contain PFAS. In fact, we encourage you to keep your pet food inside the NutriSource bag to protect it instead of dumping it in a plastic storage container.
Can I feed my dog different formulas or proteins?
Yes, rotational protein diets can be beneficial to your dog and are a great way to receive more nutrients. Not every dog is the same, if you introduce rotational feeding correctly you should have little to no problems.
Where do I find your Best By Date and Lot Code?

Generally this information is stamped in black ink at the top of your bag on the front or back. If you have a dark colored bag like NutriSource Woodlands Select then it is stamped on the back white panel above the UPC barcode.

I see Chicken Meal or Lamb Meal on your ingredients, is that good?

It is a good source of concentrated protein. Meat meal is the meat protein with water and fat removed and is nutritionally excellent for your pet.

Do I need to feed Grain Free?

All our formulas do NOT have corn, wheat or soy which are some of the most common allergens in pets. We do offer a wide variety of novel proteins in our grain free formulas. Grain free food may offer more protein and lower carbohydrates for your pet.

What is a single source protein and why feed it?

Our PureVita line offers a single source protein, there is only one meat protein in each formula. This is perfect for dogs with protein sensitivities and allergies.

What if my pet won’t eat your food?

Our number 1 priority is to deliver the safest most nutritious foods. We 100% guarantee all of our products sold from an authorized dealer. Your pet will have a safe delicious product every time, if you are not happy with it bring it back for a refund.

Do you have a formula that does not contain chicken?

Yes, NutriSource has the High Plains (Beef & Trout) and Woodlands (Wild Boar & Turkey) that do not contain chicken, chicken fat or chicken flavor. We also have multiple proteins to choose from with our PureVita formulas and they are a single source protein.

Why would I feed my pet less of your food compared to a grocery store brand?

At NutriSource less is more, with meat being the #1 ingredient in our products and less “fillers” you will have a satisfied pet with more nutrition and less waste to pick up.

Do you have a food for my small dogs? What is the difference?

Yes, we currently have 7 small bite formulas! We offer both grain inclusive and grain-free options with a tiny kibble. They all have different protein sources and the kibble is the perfect size for those small and toy breeds.

Do you offer grain free and chicken free cat formulas?

Yes, PureVita Grain Free Duck and Grain Free Salmon dry foods are our single source protein formulas. We also offer many canned formulas for cats in our NutriSource and PureVita brands.

I am feeding another brand of food and want to switch to your food, how do I do that?

Very easy – remember we have prebiotics and probiotics in our food and that will help with sensitivity when switching formulas. You know your pet best, but we recommend to go 80% of your food and 20% our food and slowly make the transition. You should be able to be on our food 100% within a week.

Why is your food different than all the other brands out there?

We are a 3rd generation family-owned company from Minnesota. We are consciously small and do not outsource our kibble products. We invest in quality, from our raw ingredients, to our people, to our new state of the art manufacturing plant.  We know what goes into all of our products and test products during and after cooking, and we know who is doing the cooking.   We are very proud of our unmatched safety record.

What is Good 4 Life on all of your bags?

At Tuffy’s Pet Foods, your pet’s health, longevity and performance are very important to us. We are proud to partner with Alltech and trademark our Good 4 Life System that is exclusive to only our food.

Our Good 4 Life system uses Proteinated Minerals  that are easily absorbed into your pet’s system. This will boost your pet’s immunity to help fight off disease. Selenium Yeast is a micronutrient that your pet needs to stay healthy, it benefits brain, liver and pancreatic functions. It improves antioxidant status in your pet and protects the body from free radicals. Prebiotics and Probiotics promote good gut health. This will help your pet feel and look good by reducing bad bacteria, controlling the PH in the lower GI tract to maintain an environment for good bacteria to thrive and increase digestion of nutrients. This will also help with gas and loose stools.

Where can I buy your food?

We distribute our food nationwide.  If you are looking for a retailer near you, find the “Where to Buy” page on our website. Enter your zip code and we will help you find the independent retailer closest to you. If you need additional help, please contact us at 1-800-525-9155.

Why do you use Lentils and Chick Peas in some of your formulas?

We choose to not use high glycemic carbohydrates such as corn & wheat. Lentils and Chick Peas provide protein and fiber that is beneficial for your pet’s diet and is low glycemic.

What are Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid?

Mixed Tocopherols are a natural preservative made of Vitamin E that is beneficial to your pet’s eyes, skin and coat. Citric Acid is made of citrus fruit and preserves antioxidants in your pet’s food.

Is your food made in the USA?

Yes, we make all of our dry kibble in our family-owned manufacturing facility in our home town of Perham, MN.   You can find our products in independent pet stores all across North America.