Nicole M.

Can’t say enough about how wonderful this food is! My Airedale Terrier is 10 months old and since we got him he had gut issues and is an extremely picky eater. Ever since I purchased Nutrisource PUPPY food at Hollywood Feed, recommended by an employee, it has been a godsend. No more diarrhea, loose stool, potty breaks are quick and simple. Winston runs inside when I say “breakfast”. It’s a ritual now, instead of an annoyance to get him to eat. I tried diffrent NS wet food. It seems Winston loves the Chicken Stew. I am going to try the turkey for him as well. We did try the other Pate’s instead of the stew but because the stews are so similar to real food and so moist and wet it really makes them inviting for a picky eater. Before this we were on Royal Canin but the NS quality is Bar None. I’ve never seen him “enjoy” plain dry puppy food until now. I never write reviews but this food really makes you feel good about what you’re feeding them. Thank you NS for all you do!!!