Meet our Next Big SuperStar!

    Let’s hear it for Dexter the bulldog! He’s the big winner in our SuperStars Giveaway Contest!

    In February, the public got a chance to vote on the 10 finalists posted to our website. Dexter was the clear winner, capturing 40% of the vote to claim the Next Big SuperStar title!

    Meet the Finalists

    dog silhouette 1

    Corporal Edward Sarge | 16 months | Kennesaw, GA

    aka Eddie, Eduardo

    Eddie the Giant Schnauzer is a superstar because he has his own way of bringing a smile to your face. Even our 14-year-old standard schnauzer makes room for Eddie on the bed — something he doesn’t do for the other dogs! When he looks at me with his sweet eyes, you know the love you provide him means as much to him as his does to you. 

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    Jacc | 10 | Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

    Jacc the Golden Retriever is a superstar because since 2012 he’s been like a therapy dog for medical students and physicians. He was with me at the start of my medical training. He now accompanies me to the hospital to meet with resident and student trainees. He’s also a regular visitor to the nursing home. He’s a big sweetie and the absolute best!

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    Mama | 10 | Millville, New Jersey

    aka Doodles, MOMster

    Mama the pitbull is a superstar because of her resilience. When we rescued our sweet girl, she had little hair and no teeth. She has since overcome her abusive past at the puppy mill and learned how to enjoy being a dog. From chasing the waves on the beach, to racing for her ball, to sunning herself in the backyard, she loves every aspect of her new life.

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    Mac Crabtree | 5 | Henderson, Nevada

    aka MacMillan, Mac, Macaroni

    Mac the Golden Retriever is a superstar because when he’s on service dog duty, he’s a hard worker and happy to help! When he’s off the clock, he’s an awesome dog who brightens everyone’s days. He loves playing Frisbee at the park as much as a quiet day cuddling on the couch.

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    Mr. Wilson | 3 | Lakeland, FL

    aka Willie, Willie Man, Willy Nilly, Silly Willy, Handsome Boy, Stinky.

    Mr. Wilson the Toy Aussie is a superstar because he’s my Heart Dog who changed my entire life — we have a strong connection that I’ve never felt with any animal. He’s given me confidence to get in front of hundreds of people for dog stunt performances. He’s my muse, my motivation, my exercise partner, my emotional support — my entire world.

    dog silhouette 7

    Bennett | 1 | Buffalo, Minnesota

    aka Benny Boo, Boop, Bugle Boy, Big Booty Benny

    Bennett the Boxer mix is a superstar because he lives for adventure, encouraging everyone he knows to do the same. I have never met a dog more eager to learn and experience everything, from swimming in Lake Superior to climbing every peak in his path. Despite his beginnings of being abandoned as a puppy, he’s living his best life while changing mine for the better!

    dog silhouette 7

    Bella | 10 | Rosie | 5 
    Mastic Beach, NY

    aka Bellacini, BellaBells, Mamabella
    RoeRoe, SieSie, LuLu

    Bella and Rosie are mother-and-daughter superstars because they are so very special to me. We’re a family of three, and they keep me happy and smiling all day. Basically, it’s their home and I only live there.

    dog silhouette 7

    Lucy | 3 | St Charles, MN

    aka Lucygoosey, Goosey, Baby Girl

    Lucy the Goldendoodle is a superstar because, like a true friend, she can tell when someone needs comfort or little extra love. When I’m having a stressful day or feeling sick, she comes up and rests her head or a paw on my lap. Lucy was glued to my side while I recovered from hip replacement surgery, careful to avoid touching my leg and crutches and watching over me while I do my exercises.

    dog silhouette 7

    Finn | 6 months | La Crosse, Wisconsin

    Finn the Yellow Labrador is a superstar for the spark she’s brought into our lives. We had decided we were done with keeping dogs. Then we met Finn and there was no turning back. She’s made us more active in retirement and every day we are discovering new things to do together.

    dog silhouette 7

    Dexter | 5 months | Flower Mound, TX

    aka Bubba

    Dexter the English bulldog is a super star to us because he makes our lives so much happier! Wherever Dexter is, he lights up the room and makes everyone smile from ear to ear. He is also sweet and gentle with our elderly dog, always giving her smooches to show her the extra love she needs these days.

    SuperStars Treats & Giving Back

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