Sarah, David, Chance, and Rudy

I can’t thank you enough for making a quality grain free dog food at an affordable price! I have two amazing rescue dogs who survived abuse and neglect so I have made it my mission to spoil them rotten, starting with quality grain free food. Our dog Chance (Pit Mix) had some serious tummy troubles when we got him and was always itching which lead to him having a thin scratchy coat. I tried all of the big name grain free foods with no improvement. After a short time on NutriSource all of his symptoms went away and his coat is now thicker and shinier. Our other dog Rudy (German Shepard Mix) has made such a quick improvement that her vet and the people at Pet People are both impressed! Her coat is now dandruff free and shiny and her weight is perfect. I feel so much better feeding them a quality dog food from a family owned company! Thank you so much from our little family to yours!

Cincinnati, OH