I just want to extend a huge thank you to your brand of dog food.  We have a 12 year old Blue Heeler who used to get bored of every dog food before the bag was even gone.  I can say we have not switched foods for 3+ years and she still eats her kibble with the same enthusiasm as the same day we started it.  I have maintained our other dogs on the same food with awesome results, a 3 year old German Shorthair Pointer and a 4 year old beagle.  All are healthy, happy and I am a firm believer that NutriSource Grain Free is why. I have recommended this food to all who listen, my family has switched and also some dear friends who recently lost one of their labs and were scratching their heads with symptoms from the food they were feeding.  Since they switched the symptoms have disappeared and their 12 year old lab is full of energy and improving daily.  You truly cannot appreciate the knowledge of knowing where the ingredients come from and the experience of a family owned business until you switch and see the difference.  So once again Thank you for providing a product that truly exceeded and continues to exceed my expectations for a comprehensive and balanced diet for my fur kids!!!!

Bruceton Mills, WV