Nick B.

We rescued our beloved dog Luke from a neglect situation; and basically had to finish weaning him. From the start, Luke was not in the least food-motivated; and we spent the first few weeks trying to get him to eat nutritious foods regularly. We tried every premium dog foods and Luke simply refused. We could get him to eat fresh stew beef that we prepared in broth; but we were concerned that he wasn’t getting all the nutrients found in premium dog food.

And then through extensive research, we discovered Pure Vita Chicken & Brown Rice Entree—and were amazed when Luke ate it regularly. We also found your “Skin & Coat” Treats; and Luke loved those too! Now with his Pure Vita foods, homemade Stew Beef and Sweet Potatoes and baby carrots—Luke eats a well-balanced, nutritious diet; and for this we sincerely thank you. Whenever anyone says that Luke’s coat is shiny-black, we tell them about his Pure Vita food and his “Skin & Coat” Treats.