Since switching Rocko and Daisy to NutriSource we have noticed a significant difference in many aspects of their lives! The quality of the food is much better than what we were feeding before. This resulted in us having to feed much less kibble per meal time. We also noticed a change in their digestive track. We used to constantly battle runny stool with Rocko, but now it’s solid, and there is much less of it! One of my favorite things since switching to NutriSource is how much both Rocko and Daisy’s coat has changed! Their coats are now so silky soft and extremely shiny. Shedding has been minimized by half at least! This makes for not only a cleaner house, but also much less use of the lint roller. Overall, NutriSource has not only made happier, healthier dogs, but also, happier owners! A happy pup makes for a happy home.