I wanted to send a word of thanks regarding NutriSource for Senior’s. Over the past number of years we had watched our dog, Gracy, start to age and begin to “go downhill”. As a pup she had both hips replaced due to hip dysplasia. We thought her slowing down was due to age (she is 13) and the effects of the extensive early surgery. Her fur, which had always been shiny, looked dull and was covered in dandruff. She had difficulty moving around and never wanted to play. A year ago, on the advice from our Pet Store owner, we switched her dog food to NutriSource for Senior’s. What a change!! We have seen her go from a listless and tired old lady, to a rambunctious playful pup. Her fur is beautiful and shiny, with no dandruff. She is back to wanting to play catch and has hardly any difficulties getting around. Thank you so much for your product. We have recommended it to all of our friends. Keep up the great work.

Winnipeg, MB