Byron B.

We have 2 male, chocolate labs, both 2.5 years old. Since they were puppies, we struggled with feeding time. They did not seem interested in any of the brands we tried (e.g. Blue Wilderness, Science Diet, Purina, Simply Nourish, and several others). I had to sit with them and practically hand feed them to get them to eat. The manager at Neighborhood Pet Market listened to my concerns and suggested NutriSource. I figured why not, I have tried everything else. I cannot thank you enough for this food. From the first meal I served them with NutriSource, they both ate every morsel. I waited to see how long this would last before contacting you. Well, I just purchased my 10th bag of NutriSource food, and they are still very excited at feeding time. Their energy level has increased. Being labs, they always had energy, but now it seems like they just keep going no matter how much exercise we give them. They also seemed to struggle with pooping, but now they have no issues processing NutriSource. In my humble opinion, I think this is the best dog food on the market, and I will be purchasing it for our dogs now and in the future

Prairieville, LA