I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we love the NutriSource Dog Food! We started using it this past winter, after our newly adopted rescue dog, Dexter, started developing chronic ear infections. He also had a nasty habit of eating his own feces. For both of these reasons, someone suggested we try putting him on a grain-free diet. The staff at Chuck & Don’s recommended the Lamb Meal and Rice Formula. She also told me that an added benefit of this dog food would be less animal waste to pick up. I frankly didn’t believe that part, but was willing to try the product. I am so happy with the results! Not one ear infection since we switched. No more feces eating, and although I had to see it to believe it, there really is less waste. We had tried one other brand of grain-free food first, which was considerably more expensive, and it didn’t solve all of our issues. So, to get these wonderful results at a more affordable price is just great news. So, thank you for making a quality product. I don’t often write this type of letter, but I am so pleased with your product, I just had to let you know! Thank you. Becky, owner of Sophie, 10 yr. old Miniature Schnauzer and Dexter, 2 yr. old mixed breed Boston Terrier/Schnauzer/etc.

Lakeville, MN