Laura R.

My 14 year old kitty Frankie started having constant diarrhea about 3 years ago. Clinically, she was healthy aside from a slight vitamin B deficiency and being underweight. She progressively lost about half of her body weight, and with no vet solution working, I was afraid I was going to lose her last year. I have always had her on what are considered high-quality foods, but the vet suggested a prescription GI diet. Frankie wouldn’t eat the dry nor the canned prescription diet, and then lost interest in the kibble she had been on before. She lost more weight, her fur suddenly got really greasy, and her thyroid numbers dropped slightly, prompting the vet to refer me to a specialist for radioactive thyroid treatment (which we never did end up doing).

I was still not convinced that this wasn’t at least partially a nutritional/ gut health problem, so I tried some gut health supplements and gradually switched her over to a raw diet. Within a few weeks, her diarrhea went away, and her fur became fluffy again instead of greasy. After two months on the raw diet, I was really struggling with the cost and the special handling, so I decided to try the Pure Vita dry food in duck & lentil. She loved the kibble, and even after completely switching her over, her health problems seem to have disappeared. She’s been on the Pure Vita now for about 6 months, and she’s put on weight, her fur and eyes look great, and she’s purring more than ever. I boarded her back in October, and the vet staff even noticed that she looked and acted like a completely different cat.

I think this food has been a critical part of her recovery, and I’m so thankful to have found it. I love my Frankie girl, and I just can’t thank you guys enough for providing a product that has been so wonderful for us.

Houston, TX