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Rotational Feeding:

The right way to do it

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Why Rotational Feeding?

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Happier Dog

  • By nature, dogs love sniffing out and tasting new foods.
  • Feeding him something different gives him the variety he craves.
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Prevents food issues
before they start

  • Overexposure to the same protein can set off allergies and ingredient intolerances.
  • Starting rotational feeding early in life can help maintain good gut health.
Optimized Nutrition
  • Each animal protein contains a different amino acid profile.
  • Each amino acid plays a different role, building cells and keeping systems running.
  • By rotating proteins, you’ll introduce all the amino acids dogs need to optimize their health.

How to do rotational feeding

Sudden changes in diet can be hard on a dog’s gastrointestinal system. Common results are tummy troubles and runny poops! Pet parents find that’s not the case when they switch to NutriSource. The Good 4 Life system has probiotics, prebiotics and proprietary minerals to heal the gut and make rotational feeding a breeze.

Adult Chicken & Rice Recipe


Lay the foundation of good gut health

Build a healthy gut by starting with something simple, NutriSource Chicken & Rice Recipe.1

Good 4 Life System

Each NutriSource formula is fortified with Good 4 Life supplements.

Good 4 Life is packed with probiotics, prebiotics and gut-healing vitamins.

  • Cleans up bad bacteria in the gut
  • Soothes and eliminates irritation
  • Improves bioavailability in your pet
Tips for rotational feeding
  • To maintain freshness, buy several smaller bags of kibble.
  • Rotate your protein types: poultry, beef, fish, pork.
  • Don’t overlook novel proteins. Bison, kangaroo, wild boar and pheasant all have a unique slate of amino acids.
  • Move between the lines: Trade off grain-inclusive formulas with grain-free as well as our PureVita and Element line.
  • Add wet entrees to make mealtime more exciting. Meaty bites and savory gravy add texture and aroma.


Start rotating proteins

Once your dog is enjoying NutriSource, it’s time to mix it up.

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Focus on variety:

Choose from the different lines and formulas.

The goal:

Provide dogs with a wholesome mix of animal proteins, grains and veggies in their bowl.

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Enjoy the results

After a short time on NutriSource, you’ll start noticing great results in your dog. Less scratching, less paw licking … less poo! He’ll feel better inside and out.

  • Continue feeding the “new” NutriSource formula.
  • Then, it will be time to transition to a new recipe with your next bag.
  • Simply repeat the above steps.
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A healthy mutt starts with a healthy gut. Your friend will get that and more with a rotational diet based on NutriSource’s delicious recipes, fortified with Good 4 Life.

Shop local and pick up a bag today from an independent pet supplier.

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