I recently took part in an event to try and set a new Guinness world record for the most people trained in pet CPR in one day. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)  is that potentially life saving first aid technique where you use your hands to externally compress the heart to imitate the pumping of the heart so that it sends oxygen rich blood to the organs and brain and you breathe into the nose of the dog or cat to inflate the lungs, to mimic normal breathing by the animal.  The event was put on by Pet Tech , the  first international training center for Pet CPR and first aid.   

In Raising Your Paws episode, 016, I’ll tell you all about what we had to do to try to set a record, you’ll hear exactly what pet CPR is, how it’s done  and hear true stories of people who saved dogs lives by performing CPR on them. You can see some photos of the Pet CPR day event in the full show notes below.

If you want to take a pet first aid class,  go to Pet Tech’s website to find classes in your area and to register.  It is such a relief to know what to do if your dog or cat is injured or suddenly takes ill. I am one of the Pet Tech certified instructors and teach classes in the Chicagoland area.

What are the two most important pet first aid skills you want to know how to do? Thom Somes, co-founder of Pet Tech, tells you in episode 009 of Raising Your Paws podcast. Listen here.  

Back to Guinness world records, there are some silly and astonishing things that dogs do to win their record holding titles.

Here are some of the record breakers over the last few years.

Mochi, a Saint Bernard,  did not have to do anything – he won by just being the dog with the longest tongue.

Major upset! Jiff Pom, a Pomeranian, used to hold the title for being the fastest dog on two paws. But then Konjo, a Chihuahua mix, stole the title.

Does your dog do a lot of tricks?  You’ll be really interested in this one – it may inspire you to try to break the world record yourself.

Watch Smurf and his human show you their routine, doing the most tricks in one minute. Come 0n, you and your dog can beat that –  cant you?

If you want to try and set or break a record with your dog or cat, all the instructions for how to apply are on the Guinness World Records, website as well as a lot more videos to watch. They are a hoot! Some are funny or cute or I’ve got to say – down right weird.


Show Notes for Episode 016:

Title: Learning Pet CPR May Set a New Guinness World Record and Astonishing Facts about Your Dog’s Nose. 

 Here are some photos from the day’s event.

A group being trained in CPR. They are wearing the shirts we gave out that day.
Photo Credit. Porla & Pine. (porlaandpine.com)


Here is the dog, potato.
Photo credit: Porla & Pine. (porlaandpine.com)

Learning how to find a dog’s pulse.
Photo Credit: Porla & Pine.


Thom Somes beginning the relay to win a Guinness record for the most CPR compressions on a plush toy dog.
Photo Credit: Porla & Pine.

Our public lining up for the relay. Totally, people did CPR compressions for over 6 hours without stopping.
Photo Credit: Porla & Pine.


Cindy Buzas and Thom Somes, the founders of Pet Tech with their son Parker. Their dogs, Rio and Tandoori.
Photo Credit: Porla & Pine.


Find pet first aid classes at Pet Tech’s Website.

Here is Pet Tech Inc. on facebook to see the video of Pet CPR day.


 Guinness World Records Website.





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