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(Episode # 97) Why Dogs Jump Up On People & How to Help Your Vet Who Helps Your Pets.

Published: 07/14/2021
Woman and Her Large Dog Jumping up on Her

Full Show Notes.

Introduction Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:13

Segment 1: 01:15 – 09:46

Do you like it or hate it when your dog wants to jump up on you when they greet you? Why do dogs want to jump up on people anyway? There are two reasons I’ll tell you about. If you want to stop the behavior teach your dog the way you would prefer them to greet you.

Segment 2: 09:48 – 36:19

When we take our pets to the vet because they are sick or injured we are feeling fear and love and anguished hope that they will be okay, plus worry and possible stress about the costs it will take to return them quickly to health.   That’s a lot of emotion we bring to the examining table. What about your vet? Do they also experience the stress you are feeling?   The answer is yes.  And it can take a fatal toll on these doctors who do so much to help your pets. My guest, Sandy Weaver, is the author of the book, Happy Vet, Happy Pet: Caring for Your Pet’s caregiver and the Program director of the Center for Workplace Happiness, whose mission is to reduce the suicide rate in the vet community. She will tell you three easy things you can do to help and care for your vet that can make a profound difference for their lives.

Segment 3: 36:21 – 40:32

About this episode’s creature feature, it’s June and it’s been very hot where I live, so when I came across a story about what happened to a young girl during a  blizzard, and the dog who came to her rescue, just reading about winter and snow cooled me down. It’s also an inspiring tale. Hope you enjoy this story.

Resources for the show.

Source for the story about dogs jumping up- “Decoding Your Dog” by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

Sandy Weaver and her dog.

Sandy Weaver The Veterinarians’ Champion™ Author, speaker, mindset expert and American Kennel Club judge and her dog, Kacey.

book cover, Happy Vet, Happy pet.











Center for Workplace Happiness website.

How to order “Happy Vet, Happy Pet, Caring for your Pet’s Caregiver” by Sandy Weaver.

“Not One More Vet” website.

Source for the “Snow Job” creature feature – Amazing But True Dog Tales by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, compiled by Muriel MacFarlane.