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(Episode #85) Relieve Your Dogs Boredom During the Pandemic & Do Cats Dream?

Published: 01/26/2021
dog flying while wearing blue cape and red shirt

Full Show Notes for the Episode


Introduction Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:20


Segment 1: 01:23 – 06:59


For this show’s Creature Feature, you’ll hear three stories about a few dogs who ate unbelievable things – to the point that it is hard to swallow. Then, watch a Twin Cities Live TV show segment where I teach you what to do if your dog is choking and can’t breathe.


Segment 2: 07:03 – 33:21


Are you getting bored doing the same old things with your dog as the pandemic drags on?  Wouldn’t it be nice to get some fresh ideas for things your dog can do to liven up their day? I’m not saying your dog can learn to fly as in the photo above, but I do have the perfect resource for you. It’s a website called Sidewalk Dogs and their mission is to help you spend more time with your pup by discovering and sharing activities you can do and places to go together. Ali Jarvis is the Founder and CEO of Sidewalk Dogs and she is joining me to share some great ideas.


Segment 3: 33:26 – 37:43


Cats spend a lot of time asleep – it can be up to 20 hours a day, although, the average is about 12 hours, but do they dream like we and dogs do?  Hear what research has discovered about their sleep phases.


Here is the video I mentioned in the podcast:


Cat mom comforts her kitten while dreaming.


And another one I found. Cat mom looks like she is wondering what is going on.


Did you know I’m doing a monthly TV pet expert segment about dogs and cats on an ABC TV show, called Twin Cities Live? It airs in Minneapolis, Minnesota but you can see each of the archived segments on our website. RaisingYourPaws.com. Just click on the TCL logo at the top of the homepage to watch the videos.




 Additional Resources for the show.


Source for the creature feature stories: Amazing But True Dog Tales, by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, Compiled by Muriel MacFarlane.


Website:  Sidewalk Dog.com.

Ali Jarvis and her dog.

Ali Jarvis, founder and CEO of Sidewalk Dogs and Maggie Moo.



 Ali Jarvis, founder and CEO of Sidewalk Dogs and Maggie Moo.



Sidewalk Dog Blog.


Sniff out Sidewalk dog on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Source for the Story about cats dreaming: “What Your Cat Knows,” by Sally Morgan.