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(Episode #100) Prevent Kittens from Biting Hands & At Home Sports to Keep Dogs Physically fit.

Published: 08/24/2021
Kitten Playing With Feath Wander

Full Show Notes.

Introduction Timestamps: 00:00 – 1:37

Segment 1: 1:40 – 7:26

Do you have a new kitten at home? Or are thinking about getting one? I want to offer you a kitten care tip about playing with your new kitty. From your kitten’s perspective, you are now mom whether you are male or female. As a surrogate mother it is your job to teach your cat not to bite human skin. kitten and human hand playing with toy mouseIn this episode, I’ll explain the very first thing to do (and not to do) in order to guide your kitten in the right direction for successful and painless interactions with people.

Segment 2: 7:29 – 34:48

Do you wonder if there are some easy sports or activities you could do with your dog to give them more exercise and keep them fit other than walking?  My guest Ben Rimbey, head trainer for Lucky Mutt Dog Training in Minnesota and the “Fairly Odd Dogs” on social media shares how you and your dog can play some sports together. He’ll explain a few of the unusual skills you can train, such as calmness and focus that creates a better bond between the two of you, and also makes teaching your dog how to play Frisbee and/or use dog exercise equipment fun and effective.

Segment 3: 34:49 – 39:05

Dogs eat the strangest things don’t they?  In this week’s “Creature Feature” listen to 3 stories of dogs with very unusual appetites. It’s a wonder the things they ingested didn’t result in killing them.


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Additional Resources for the Show.

Source for the story about cat play – Complete Kitten Care by Amy Shojai.

man and dog playing frisbee

Ben Rimbey.

Lucky Mutt Dog Training website.

Fairly Odd Dogs on Instagram

The resources Ben Rimbey spoke about:

Absolute Dogs  for more training games.

Susan Garrett’s Website.

Where to buy discs for dogs – Hero Disc U.S.A.

Up Dog Challenge

Dog exercise equipment: Toto fit LLC.  Or Fit Paws U.S.A.

The fit bone is the one Ben Rimbey recommended as a start.


NutriSource Element Series – A high Percentage Meat dog food.

 Source for Creature Feature stories – Exploding Pigs and Other Bizarre Animal Stories by Ian Simmons.