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030 Teaching Your Dog to Pee and Poop on Command & Why Socializing a Young Kitten is A Must!

Published: 12/04/2018
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To tell if your dog becomes uncomfortable or frightened when greeting or playing with other dogs, watch for these three body postures – the name of which all begin with the letter “s”.  We begin this episode by introducing you to the 3 S’s.

Then, do you ever wish your dog would hurry up and relieve itself quicker when on walks? Dog trainer, Katie K-9 joins me to tell you how to teach your dog to eliminate on command and it works for both puppies and adult dog with established habits.  We also talk about what she recommends for dogs that just keep pulling on their leash.

Next, did you know that kittens need to be socialized just like puppies do? If you have or will be getting a kitten between the ages of two to seven weeks old, you’ll want to hear what to do for your feline, that makes all the difference for how she/he will behave and get along with others, for the rest of its life.

Resources for the Episode:

Source for the story about the three S’s.    Dog Smart by Linda P. Case. (On Amazon)

Dog Trainer, Katie K-9’s website.

Katie K-9 Radio Show.

Katie K-9 on Facebook.

Resources mentioned by Katie-K9

Starmark’s collars.

Herm Sprenger prong collars

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