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022 Finding Places You Can Shop or Grab a Beer With Your Dog & Help Your Pets Handle the Move to the New House.

Published: 08/14/2018
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When you’re out with your dog, don’t you wish at times that both of you could stop in to that cool looking shop you see, or eat at that yummy looking restaurant?  There is an online resource where you can find local places that are dog friendly.  Ali Jarvis, the founder of Sidewalk Dog Media, and I talk about some of the larger chain stores that allow dogs, and Ali explains why breweries are a perfect place to take your dog.

Next, moving to a new home is exciting yet stressful for you and your pet. In this episode, hear what you can do to help make the transition smoother for your dog so that they don’t think they will be abandoned in the new strange place.

Then, make sure you do these things to ensure your cat will not be totally freaked out and hide for a week after moving into the new home.

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Sidewalk Dog Blog.

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Dr. Karen Becker Article – Moving to a New Home with Your Dog? Avoid These Mistakes.


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