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019 How to Make Traveling with Your Pet Easy and Handling Your Dog’s Fear Barking

Published: 06/26/2018
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First, take advantage of your cat’s meal time to add mental stimulation to its day by making this fun feeding toy.

Next, do you sometimes wish you could take your pets on a vacation with you, but think it’s not possible, because pets aren’t allowed most places or feel it is too hard to figure out how it would work? Amy Burkert, founder of Go Pet Friendly explains how easy pet travel can actually be.

Then, an additional type of barking sound your dog makes is when they are afraid.  Here’s why you never want to punish this behavior and how to handle it, instead.

Resources for the episode:

The name of the particular commercial cat puzzle feeder mentioned during the podcast was the Stimulo.

There are many different commercial ones, I mentioned this one only because of the similar tube shapes as paper tubes.  I do not sell this product, nor work for the company that makes this product.

Website that makes pet travel easy: www.gopetfriendly.com.

Here is the link to the landing page for the free chapter from Amy Burkert’s book, The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip, https://bit.ly/2tAaOda

You can also pre-order the book on this same link.

The book about barking I recommend is:   Barking, The Sound of a Language” by Turid Rugass.