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016 Learning Pet CPR and Setting Guinness World Records – a Winning Combination & Astonishing Facts about Your Dog’s Nose

Published: 05/15/2018
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Did you know that pets can be record breaking title holders with Guinness world records? I’ll tell you about some dogs and the unconventional skills that won them their titles.

Next, Pet Tech Inc., the country’s leading Pet First Aid and Care training organization, attempted to set a new Guinness World record themselves,  by teaching the most people how to do CPR in one day and I was there. Find out how learning cardio pulmonary resuscitation can save your pets life, hear true stories of pets whose lives were saved through CPR, and find out how long pet parents in California participated in a non-stop relay to set a new world record. Did they make it?

Then, your dog uses its incredible sense of smell to do many marvelous things and how is their nose so different than yours?

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Resources for the episode:

Videos of the Guinness World Record breaking dogs and photos of the pet CPR day:   www.raisingyourpaws.com.

Guinness World Records Website.

Find pet first aid classes at Pet Tech’s Website.

Watch the video of Pet CPR day on Pet Tech’s Facebook page.