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015 Why a Dog’s Growls Are a Good Thing & Reasons to NOT Vaccinate for Leptospirosis

Published: 05/01/2018
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Want to know how to introduce your newly adopted dog to the cat for the first time? Follow these guidelines to ensure safety for both your dog and cat.

Then, growling is one of the most misunderstood sounds your dog makes. I’ll explain why it is a good thing when your dog growls and why you don’t want to punish it away.

Next, have you heard of the scary sounding disease dogs can catch called Leptospirosis? Listen as Dr. Barbara Royal, a leading integrative vet, clearly explains what is it, what signs to watch for, and why she does not recommend vaccinating for the disease.

Finally, we’ll play a round of feline fast facts – I’ll pose the question of why your cat does certain things and then briefly provide the reason. Answer the last question yourself, and then send me an e-mail for the chance to win a free large bag of cat food.

Full show notes (live links) and accompanying Blog article at: www.raisingyourpaws.com.

Resource for story about growling:   Barking: The Sound of a Language by Turid Rugass.

Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA, website links:

Royal Treatment Veterinary Center.

Royal Animal Health University.

Purchase Dr. Royal’s books.

Winning the Cat Food Give-Away

Play our feline fast facts game. Answer this question-  “Why does a cat claw and bite your hand when you pet its tummy?”

Send the answer to susan@raisingyourpaws.com.

The 8th person to respond will win a coupon for a free large bag of any flavor of NutriSource or Pure Vita cat food to redeem at your local independent dealer that sells our food. To find the closest store to you, see our dealer directory here: http://www.nutrisourcepetfoods.com/where-to-buy.

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