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010 Dogs Who Help Keep Hotels Free of Bedbugs & The Correct, Safer Way to Greet an Unfamiliar Dog

Published: 02/20/2018
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When petting an unfamiliar dog, you may not be aware of how you may be threatening it, which can result in getting bit. I’ll explain the one thing NEVER to do and then tell you the correct, safer way for you and your children to meet a new dog.

Next, detection dogs, use their remarkable smelling abilities to help keep our hotels, schools, and homes trouble free. Dan Hughes, owner of Dogs for Defense, tells you how.

Plus, do you know how to read your cat’s tail? Its positions can tell you much about its mood and help you avoid getting bit or scratched!

Resources for this Episode:

The poster that shows your children how to greet an unfamiliar dog.
Dog For Defense Inc. website
The animated video that explains some of your cat’s tail positions.
The puppy socialization technique.

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