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008 How to Crate Train Your Dog of Any Age and Who to Talk to About Pet Food Ingredients

Published: 01/23/2018
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I found a very effective method for crate training my one year old adopted dog – the steps described work for puppies too. 

Then, if you ever wondered about some of the ingredients in your pet food, or have questions about any of the NutriSource brand pet foods, my guest today is the person you’ll want to call.  I’ll introduce you to Genie Beur and we’ll start talking to her in this episode.

Plus, in the topic of how your dog communicates with other dogs and you, a quick head turn could mean something else besides a cute dog of the opposite sex, caught its eye. Find out what your dog is trying to convey.

Resources from the episode:

Click here for the complete article by the Humane Society of the United States, outlining all the details of crate training your dog.

Call Genie Buer, the Director of Customer Service at NutriSource Pet Foods to ask your questions about pet food ingredients. You can contact her at 218-346-8312, or by emailing gbuer@klnfamilybrands.com.

We also have a BLOG on our podcast website at www.raisingyourpaws.com. There you will find all sorts of different informative and entertaining articles and photos as well as the complete show notes for each episodes of the podcast.


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