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Probiotics and Postbiotics for dogs: A quick guide to using them to solve gut issues

February 02, 2022

When your dog is having issues, like runny stools, picky eating, or itchy skin, it’s time for a gut check. Because did you know that 70% of your pet’s immune system cells reside in their gut? When you’re creating a healthy lifestyle for your furry friends, building and maintaining gut health is a natural place to start. Gut health makes a big difference in your pet’s ability to fight off infections and viruses. And it also affects how they look and smell.

In this guide, we’ll show how to get the best probiotics for dogs and what they can do for you.

The 101 on probiotics for dogs

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that thrive in the gastrointestinal system. As they thrive and multiply, they create a healthy microbiome in the gut. A healthy microbiome is linked to several key health benefits:

  • Protection: A healthy microbiome is linked to better immune system support.
  • Prevention: Reduces pathogens in the gut, allows better digestion and nutrient absorption, and reduces the occurrence of common canine digestive issues (diarrhea and vomiting).

Probiotics alone won’t get the job done

Finding a source of probiotics for dogs is certainly a starting point to building gut health. You might have heard some of these top fixes.

  • Offer plain Greek yogurt or pour plain goat kefir on their kibble as a tempting topper.
  • Treat your dog to probiotic chews.
  • Sprinkle probiotic supplements on your pet’s food.

But here’s the thing. Plain old probiotics alone don’t accomplish much. If you’re a pet parent really looking to achieve some next-level results in your dog’s gut health, you have to understand a simple thing.

Probiotics are microorganisms. Living things. And living things need food.

That food for probiotics is prebiotics.

Adding prebiotics provides a source of food so the probiotics can do their thing: thrive, multiply, and become established in your pet’s microbiome.

Prebiotics are Resistant Starches found in produce and whole grains, but they can also come in supplement form.

And there’s more.

As the probiotics consume prebiotics, there’s a lot of digestive action taking place. There’s fermentation, and the probiotics are multiplying, resulting in a bioorganic byproduct called postbiotics.

Research shows that postbiotics are the key regulators of gut health.

How to help your dog get more probiotics and postbiotics

You can dose your pet with postbiotics as a part of his overall gut health. And when your pet is feeling unwell and out of sorts, postbiotics can also be part of the solution. One easy way to accomplish this is by trying a delicious new food topper that’s inspired by kombucha.

Come-pooch-a is a savory bone broth postbiotic topper from NutriSource that comes in three meaty flavors dogs crave.

Come-pooch-a provides a simple but yummy way to help you get a happy gut and a happy mutt!

Here are some reasons to use Come-pooch-a to give your dog a boost of postbiotics.

Tempt the appetite

Is your dog’s appetite lagging due to stress? Topping off their kibble with a dousing of Come-pooch-a offers a two-in-one solution, as it provides tempting meaty aromas along with gut-healthy postbiotics.

Tummy problems

Add a serving of Come-pooch-a to the water dish for the postbiotics and the much-needed hydration.

Allergies and itchy skin

Notice your dog is itchier than normal? Postbiotics are known to trigger an anti-inflammatory effect, which is the root cause of many allergic reactions (swelling and itchiness).

Immune support

Postbiotics give the body’s immune system a boost, helping your dog fight off infections, viruses, and other ailments.

Pet waste and odors

A healthy gut microbiome aids in better digestion, better nutrient absorption, and less waste. Come-pooch-a even helps fight foul smells. It’s supplemented with Yucca Schidigera, a natural supplement that is clinically proven to reduce ammonia and fecal odors.

The best source of postbiotics for dogs

Come-pooch-a is the perfect topper to support your dog’s health while making mealtime more exciting with the meaty aroma he craves. Use Come-pooch-a as part of your strategy to support your dog’s digestive health.

Shop local and pick up a carton of Come-pooch-a at your favorite independent pet supplier.