Kenny and Charlie Nelson.

Not only does the Nelson family of Perham, Minnesota make pet food under the name Tuffy’s, (remember that was the nickname for Darrell Nelson, who started the company) but they also manufacture some human foods.  Just to get the family tree straight, Darrell (Tuffy) Nelson had a son Kenny and Kenny has a son, Charlie Nelson. Kenny and Charlie run the businesses today.

There are four separate factories; Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Barrel O’ Fun Snack Foods,  Kenny’s Candy Company and NutHead’s Chocolate Factory.  All of these enterprises are  part of the KLN Family Brands and all of the products are labeled with the KLN Family Brands logo. You probably did not know that KLN is us!

That means you may not realize that some of our newer products, such as our Natural Planet grain free dog foods  or the “Larry the Cable Guy” treats are made by Tuffy’s. Take the Larry the Cable Guy treats for example.

They are great, high quality, treats like our NutriSource ones; made from real meats, chicken or salmon, with  no corn, wheat, soy or byproducts, but since the package does not say the familiar name, NutriSource, you may overlook them not knowing that we are making them.  They are a really great price and a portion of the sales goes to Larry’s foundation, “Git R Done,” which helps families in need.

So, be on the lookout for our KLN Family brands logo so you don’t miss any of our new Tuffy’s Pet Foods products.

What does KLN stand for? It’s Kenny’s full name – Kenneth Leon Nelson!