Do you sometimes wish you could take your pets on a vacation with you, but think it’s not possible, because pets aren’t allowed most places or feel it is too hard to figure out how it would work? 

In episode 019 of Raising Your Paws, I spoke to Amy Burkert, the founder of a remarkable company and website, Go Pet Friendly who explains just how easy pet travel can actually be.

Amy Burkert, founder of Go Pet Friendly.

On the website,, you can find the names and details about the places you can take your pets – hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, and more, across the United States and into Canada.

Free chapter give-away!!!

Amy Burkert has written a new book and because she was a guest on the show, and a really nice person, Amy is giving YOU – listeners to our podcast and readers of our blog, a free give-away – one chapter of her book.

Since, the greatest amount of our listeners happen to be from Minnesota -(this is also where the family owned company, NutriSource Pet Foods is located – hmmmmm, wonder if there is a connection……)  the chapter is about a pet friendly place to visit in Minnesota.  You don’t have live there to get the free chapter. Just follow this link. Yes, click here.


You can also pre-order the book on the same link. Pre-orders will be paw-tographed by her dogs Ty and Buster. You can see what both of them look like on her website. Cute!

Full Show Notes from the episode, 019.

Title:  How to Make Traveling with Your Pet Easy and Handling Your Dog’s Fear Barking.  

 The name of the particular commercial cat puzzle feeder mentioned during the podcast was the Stimulo.

There are many different commercial ones, I mentioned this one only because of the similar tube shapes as paper tubes.  I do not sell this product, nor work for the company that makes this product.

Website that makes pet travel easy.

Here is the link to the landing page for the free chapter from Amy Burkert’s book, The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip,

You can also pre-order the book on this same link.

The book about barking, I recommend is,” Barking, The Sound of a Language” by Turid Rugass.