My dog Rosy was staying with a woman who boards dogs at her house. One evening, Henry,
one of the family's dogs, and Rosy were investigating the border fence when Henry, got skunked.

Here's Henry - happy dog before being sprayed.

Here’s Henry – happy dog before being sprayed.

This was not actually observed by anyone but my dog, but she's not talking. We think Henry, who was VERY fragrant, probably took the brunt of the spray attack, but Rosy apparently joyful about her good fortune of missing the direct hit, celebrated by rolling in the smelly skunk musk that was left on the ground.
Well, both dogs got baths that night, but mine still came home to me smelling not like a rose.
Rosy, self satisfied after her bath.

Rosy, self satisfied after her bath.

So, I took her to my favorite self-bathing place, one of our retailers, to get rid of the remaining Parfum de Mephitis Mephitis (Latin for striped skunk) from her neck and flank.

Here's what I used to remove the skunk odor and you've got to know about.

The Skunk Remedy Recipe invented in 1993 by a chemist, Paul Krebaum. z81-14-shutterstock_17235115
It is the best home-made formula that actually works,(tomato juice does not) and has been the buzz all over the web for awhile now except most of the recipes you will find on the web, are changed – switching one important ingredient from the original recipe.

Here is the authentic recipe from Paul Krebaum and his directions for use. Later, more about his story.

The Skunk Remedy Recipe.

In a plastic bucket, mix well the following ingredients:

1 quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 cup of baking soda
1 to 2 teaspoons liquid soap
(Note from NutriSource: his preferred brands are "SoftSoap" or "Liquid Ivory", which are hand soaps, not dish washing detergent which is the ingredient you see listed often on other peoples webpages. Hand soap reacts less with the peroxide and is therefore safer.)

For very large pets one quart of tepid (lukewarm) tap water may be added to enable complete coverage.

Wash pet promptly and thoroughly, work the solution deep into the fur. Let your nose guide you, leave the solution on about 5 minutes or until the odor is gone. Some heavily oiled areas may require a "rinse and repeat" washing.
Skunks usually aim for the face, but try to keep the solution out of the eyes – it stings. If you have any cuts on your hands you might want to wear latex gloves for the same reason.
After treatment, thoroughly rinse your pet with tepid tap water.
Pour the spent solution down the drain with running water.
NEVER, ever, store mixed solution in a closed bottle, sprayer, etc. Pressure will build up until the container bursts. This can cause severe injury.

(Note from NutriSource: This is why Mr. Krebaum could not patent, bottle and sell his creation, The exact chemical properties that make the formula work, make it impossible to package and store. In time, the chemicals will explode out of any bottle. So, he released his invention free to all the pet loving world.)

Here are some of Paul Krebaum's additional notes.

(from Paul Krebaum's Skunk Remedy Homepage)

1) Clean plastic mixing containers and utensils are preferred. Metals encourage auto-decomposition of the peroxide.
2) Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution is usually sold in pint (500ml) bottles, so you'll need two. The 3% grade is often marked "U.S.P.", meaning that it meets the standards for medical use and purity as set forth in the United States Pharmacopoeia.
The use of other strengths/grades is not recommended unless you're a chemist, and even then a trip to the 24-hour drugstore is much better than a trip to the emergency room.
3) Use baking soda, not baking powder. "Arm and Hammer" is one popular brand. Baking soda is also called: Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, U.S.P., Bicarbonate of Soda, and Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate. Do not confuse any of the above with Washing Soda, which is Sodium Carbonate. Washing Soda is about 100 times more alkaline than Baking Soda and can cause skin burns to both you and your pet.

Getting back to my story, the result for Rosy……..Ah, sweet smelling success.She is herself again.

Some important notes for you:

Remember, make this mixture just before you are going to use it and discard anything leftover. It does not store. Again, do not get into your pets eyes.

Here's a tip from dog owners I know that have used the recipe, if your dog or cat was sprayed in the face, you can make a paste of this mixture to make it a bit easier to apply without worrying about getting in the eyes.

Take the quarter cup of baking soda, and a few drops of hand soap and a splash or two of the hydrogen peroxide to make a paste like consistency that you can smear on the animals face.

Check this out: Here is the Chicago Tribune article that really brought Paul Krebaum's recipe to the world's attention. 
Fun to read!

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