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Published: 02/11/2020

Look at all these trained dogs!  How did they learn to do that?  Are you ready to start training your newly adopted dog or new puppy or are at your wits end with an out-of-control dog and need to hire a professional trainer? Not sure what style of training to use? In this week’s episode of Raising Your Paws podcast, find out how training your dog will not only protect your sanity and furniture, but it actually increases your dog’s well-being. Learn the differences in the methods of training and how positive reinforcement training will enhance the relationship you have with your dog.

Full Show Notes for Raising Your Paws Podcast #60.

Title: Dog Training: Positive Reinforcement or Punishment Based? & Why the Cat Pees on Your Bed.

In honor of Valentine’s Day – (this episode was released on Feb. 11) a celebration of love and affection, since we give our hearts readily to our dogs and cats, here are some thoughts on how dogs help men express their feelings and how a cat’s purr benefits you physically.

If you need to start training your dog or want to hire a dog trainer, how do you know which of the different styles or methods of training will work and is best for your dog? Wouldn’t it be helpful for making an informed decision, if you understood in the first place, the basic difference in the styles of training, and if one has major benefits that the other does not. My guest, is Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice President of Karen Pryor Clicker Training, and author of The Eye of the Trainer: Animal Training, Transformation and Trust” and he explains both positive reinforcement and punishment training. He also tells fun stories about the training of many different kinds of animals besides dogs.

Then, here is a cat elimination problem that can have you losing sleep – literally. Why do cats start eliminating in your bed and what can you do to stop the behavior? You may think your cat is mad at you and acting out of spite – they are most likely feeling an emotion but its not anger. I’ll explain what your cat may be feeling that leads them to pee on your sheets.

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