Ever heard of L-carnitine? It’s a nutrient that our dogs and cat bodies (as well as ours) make. It is also found in meat and some other foods. What does it do? A main function is that it helps the body metabolize and convert dietary fat, consumed, into energy. That’s really important for weight management. It’s also beneficial for heart and brain health and muscle development and recovery.

Now, with aging, L-carnitine levels in the tissues can decrease so supplementing diets with L-carnitine can be beneficial.

This is why at Tuffy’s we have been adding  L-carnitine to our Pure Vita dog foods and treats.  We use Carniking, a special grade of L-carnitine, manufactured by Lonza, a Switzerland-based life sciences company.  The value of Carniking and it’s role in supporting weight managment for pets has been well researched and numerous studies are available. Research has shown when diets containing Carniking is fed to both dogs and cats, the level of body fat is reduced while the percentage of lean muscle mass has increased. Because we know that obesity can be an issue for many cats, we chose to add Carniking to one of our newest products, NutriSource Grain free dry cat food.

So, feeding our products that contain Carniking to your pets can help in maintaining a healthy weight. Cat companions, check out our new Country Select and Ocean Select grain free cat foods.

Regarding healthy weight for your pets, of course there are other aspects to consider like not overfeeding and making sure your pet is is getting enough exercise.  We’ll cover those topics next time.