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How to Adjust To and Train An Adopted Pet. (Blog #71)

Published: 07/15/2020
dog behind bars in shelter with two empty bowls

In Episode 71 of Raising Your Paws, (you can listen below) my guest, was Steve Frost, lead behavioral trainer with “A Sound Beginning,” a dog training program created specifically for the newly adopted pets. We were talking about what to do to minimize the stress a dog may feel transitioning to their new home and how to build a good relationship of trust for you and your canine as well as the pets already residing in the home.

Look While You Listen.

To accompany the conversation with Steve Frost, lead behavioral trainer with the organization, A Sound Beginning, in segment two of this episode of Raising Your Paws podcast,  (#71) here are some photos, video’s and more information.

Steve Frost working with a dog named Ralphy.

Steve and Ralphy.

Steve Frost teaching the hand touch.

Training for dogs waiting to be adopted, begins by training the people acting as fosters for the animals. Here is Steve Frost conducting a seminar for foster pet parents.

Watch this video of Steve training a puppy.

Julie Dorsey-Oskerka, the Founder of A Sound Beginning talks about the origin of the program and the incorporation of music with training.


The organization, A Sound Beginning does NOT only provide help and training for adopted dogs. They also work with cats, birds and other more unusual animals. If you need help with your pet no matter if they are newly adopted or they have been with you for awhile, reach out to them.