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Fun Pet-Themed Promotions to Generate Buzz on Small Business Saturday

October 14, 2019

Are you looking to generate buzz for your independent pet shop? Need some ideas for Small Business Saturday 2019 on Nov. 30? Check out the following fun, pet-themed promotions to get pet parents in the door on this all-important holiday shopping day.

Just in case you’re unconvinced that Small Business Saturday is for you, here’s some evidence to the contrary. First, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S., and some 104 million shoppers turned out for Small Business Saturday in 2018, spending $17.8 billion. Then there’s the fact that gift-giving for pets is now the norm, with some 95% of pet parents saying they include their dogs and cats on their holiday lists.

So go ahead, claim your time in the spotlight. When you combine the groundswell of support for small businesses with an intense love for pets, Small Business Saturday is the perfect vehicle to drum up some extra excitement.

Too-good-to miss: To start, you’ll want to offer that all-important door buster deal. Slashing prices on gift-worthy pet items is an excellent incentive for people to visit. To create a sense of urgency, you can even limit the hottest prices to specific times of the shopping day (for example, 40% off all pet beds between 9 and 11 a.m.). If you have a perk or loyalty program, don’t forget to extend the love with exclusive Small Business Saturday deals.

Unite with like-minded businesses: Join forces with other small businesses in your neighborhood and share some cross-promotions. Drop off some coupon bag-stuffers, and offer to give each other a friendly shout-out on social media.

Gift guide: Above all, the point of Small Business Saturday is convincing pet parents to shop. You’ll want to make shopping easy for them by creating a guide to the best gifts for pets. Whether printed or digital, your hand-picked list can feature upgraded pet beds, pet tech devices, pet outerwear, toys and treats, along with anything else that makes pet lives more comfortable, healthier and happier.

Pose with Santa: Pet parents love nothing more than to get some cute themed images for their holiday photo cards and social media. Set up a station at your shop during Small Business Saturday. If you can’t book a real-life Santa for the afternoon, try setting up a holiday-themed photo booth, complete with backgrounds, costumes and props. This also provides a great library of content you can use to promote your store on social media.

Get social: In addition to queuing up promotional posts in advance, you’ll also want to display your deep connection to the community. Ask pet parents what they love about your shop, and post their photos and replies on social media. It’s just a great way to remind people what small businesses like yours contribute to the economic and social fabric of the town.

Serve treats: Nothing builds warm connections quite like food. So set out the trays of dog biscuits, alongside the trays of people treats and carafes of hot chocolate. Don’t forget: Make the display Instagram-worthy by including a cute sign with your shop’s name and a plug for Small Business Saturday.

Set up a giving tree: The season is all about giving and remembering those less fortunate than ourselves. Extend that feeling of goodwill to homeless pets in the community. Set up a giving tree in your shop and partner with a local shelter or rescue to be the beneficiary, with a Small Business Saturday kickoff. As the tree fills with decorations throughout the holiday season, it adds to the feel-good element.

When it comes to standing out on Small Business Saturday, it’s all about touting your differentials. You have high-quality wares and personal service from people who care. Even better, you’d never demand anyone rise and shine at brutally early hours just to nab some great deals. On top of all that, you have the treats!