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Dr. Kwane Stewart, the “Street Vet” Talks with Raising Your Paws. (Vlog #88)

Published: 03/09/2021
Dr. Kwane The Street Vet

Have you heard of the Vet that walks the streets of L. A. in California looking for people that live there that have pets that might need some vet care?  Dr. Kwane Stewart has been on numerous TV talk shows lately and can be found all over social media. He also just opened up his own veterinary practice in Modesto, California. I  was fortunate that he could take some time from his hectic schedule to talk to me about what he is doing for the homeless and their companions.

We are trying something new. Recording not only the audio of my conversations with my guests for the podcasts,  but this time the video as well. Since Dr. Kwane Stewart, was on the show, and is such a cool guy, I wanted you to be able to see him as well.

I know, it’s a bit weird that I’m looking up and to the side when you see me. I am looking at Dr. Kwane from my perspective in the broadcast studio.  Gotta get the camera angle right next time.

Let me know if you like seeing a video of me and my guests.

Here are some photos Dr. Kwane sent me that illustrate our conversation and gives you more of an idea of his days helping people and their pets.

Dr. Kwane tells the story about a most memorable person and pet he met. This is the man, Michael and his dog, Crazy Girl, nicknamed, Cray, Cray.

Man holding and kissing small dog.

Credits for all photos: Dr. Kwane Stewart.

Dr. Kwane Stewart with a man and dog on a street ledge.

Photo credit: Dr. Kwane Stewart.

In learning how the pets came into their lives, Dr. Kwane and the people he would stop and talk to, would both open up and share their own stories.

Dr. Kwane Stewart and man laughing, sitting against a painted wall.

Photo credit: Dr. Kwane Stewart.

This is Walter and his beautiful dog, Mr. Dinker.

Dr. Kwane with black  and white dog looking at camera.

Photo credit: Dr. Kwane Stewart.

Dr. Kwane does not only meet and treat, dogs, but cats and birds as well.

Mike with his Cat.

Man with cat on shoulder

Photo credit: Dr. Kwane Stewart.

Barbara with her birds.

Woman with bird on shoulder and one on her arm.

Photo credit: Dr. Kwane Stewart.

Dr. Kwane with three kittens.

Photo credit: Dr. Kwane Stewart.

Dr. Kwane and bird looking at each other.

Examining the “patients.”

Photo credit: Dr. Kwane Stewart.

Dr. Kwane examining a dog.

Photo credit: Dr. Kwane Stewart.

Dr. Kwane, walking the neighborhoods, looking for people whose pets may need a helping hand, all for no charge.

Dr. Kwane walking.

Photo credit: Dr. Kwane Stewart.


  1. Beautiful story! Thank you, Susan and Dr. Kwane!

    • Glad you liked it Sheri.