I have a 10 yr. old picky Pit bull with a sensitive stomach, and a 9 year old Olde Boston Bulldog with allergies and a sensitive stomach. I have tried every high end dog food known to man. Finally a salesgirl at our local feed store recommended NutriSource. OMG! For the first time in my Pitties life, he looks forward to eating, has not had any loose stools, and NO gas with either dog! I am on my 5th bag of Lamb Meal and Rice and am so excited with this dog food that I recommend it to everyone. My sister has 2 finicky Yorkies, and they love it too. When I first switched over, I wasn’t able to mix with previous food, as that food was making them sick. So I had to cold turkey change over and NO problems. Keep up the good work. After 10 long frustrating years of food changes, you now have a customer for life. My dogs THANK YOU!