Thomas P.

My dog lived to be 14 1/2 years old before she became ill and it was time to say goodbye. For the last 12 years all I fed her was the NutriSource Brand and she loved the food. I’m from Minnesota and I wanted to support a company who makes it here. I’ve always been an advocate to fellow dog owners telling them what a wonderful and true quality product the NutriSource Brand is and suggested that they change their brand and try it. A lot did and were very happy with the results. I did my homework and my Beagle Lab mix lived a very happy healthy life. Those little legs walked and ran a many of miles in her time. Thank you NutriSource for letting my family enjoy her for so many years. Bottom Line to anyone reading this review. If you want food for your pet that is priced fairly and is of excellent quality, look no further. You found it. Thank you NutriSource for so many happy years with our dog. She finished her bowl right to the end!!