Jen S.

We rescued a Boxer/Pitbull from Detroit, Mi on August 4th 2020. We named her Bella. She was surrendered to the shelter barely hanging onto life. She was severely malnourished, abused, neglected and she endured the worst injuries I’d ever seen due to neglect. Despite all of that, Bella has a heart of gold and became one of our family members instantly. We noticed immediately after adoption that she was allergic to chicken. She had a horrible red bumpy rash on her belly/trunk and she was losing fur across her spine because she would itch herself by rolling in the grass, she was also underweight. My sister recommended putting Bella on NutriSource Seafood! Since fish is a cool protein, Bella clearly is intolerant to warm proteins such as chicken. I saw a change in ONE day! Within 3 weeks, she gained weight, her fur filled in on her back, and her rash disappeared entirely. She is happy, healthy and she loves her food! I will continue to recommend NutriSource to everyone! It is truly the best.