Friendly service, great products, comfortable, clean and inviting store. I also couldn’t be more pleased with their recommendation to switch my 3-year-old Collie to NutriSource. She is like a different dog. She has more energy than ever, wanting to play and run all the time, and her bowel movements are easy and regular. Within a couple weeks of being on NutriSource, my Collie who didn’t have then endurance to run a mile with me was running along my side without ever falling behind or lagging. She has also gained about five needed pounds, and her coat is so much healthier. I couldn’t be more pleased! My dad also switched his 9-year old Collies to NutriSource and is dumbfounded by the difference. One of our rescue Collies never ran, could barely hold her head up after we got her, and although she had improved, was still weak and slow. Now she runs in the backyard, jumps, plays, and even beats the other dog in the house sometimes. It’s really quite a shocking difference.

Chicago, IL