I recently received a bag of Nutrisource seafood dry dog food as a donation at the humane shelter I work at (Humane Animal Treatment Society), and immediately used it for one of our Staffordshire terriers who has had major skin issues and hot spots around her legs and paws. I was delighted by how fast of a turn around there was and just wanted to take some time to let everyone know how much I love your product. Velma was recently adopted to a amazing family and I know that your product played a huge part. She was happier, more energetic and all around a different dog, not to mention how soft and smooth her coat had become. I will soon be switching my own rescue pups over to the Seafood selects after seeing the amazing results. Thank you so much for developing such a wholesome and healthy product. Nutrisource does wonders for all our furry friends. Thanks again and have an amazing day!

Mount Pleasant, MI