Brenda Kirby

I got Maddie @ 7wks. She was already on Nutrisource for small breed puppies. She is a coton de tular. I kept her on that until I switched her over to adult for small breed when it was time. I also give her the treats. She loves the rabbit bites, the chicken and the lamb. She started gaining weight, (which was not because of the dog food) so I switched her to weight management. With this and me setting my foot down on the table food she started slimming down and is doing great now!! Also have to limit her treats. Was so glad to find these because I trust you company completely I knew they would have the best stuff in them for her. There are so many recalls on other brands. It is so good to know what our dog is eating, and the fact that I know it will be nothing but good for her. Thank you so much for your products and my peace of mind knowing she will get the best!

Doniphan, MO