Beth S.

Just wanted to say my 3 yr old Malamute has a very sensitive stomach and he was eating Simply Nourish from PetSmart, well needless to say, they must have changed their product or his stomach just couldn’t take it any longer. I switched to your product after reading reviews and I couldn’t be happier!! I didn’t even transition his food over time, I switched instantly and he has been so happy. This poor dog was so sick diarrhea, lethargic, not eating and such bad gas, I felt horrible for him. I put him on boiled chicken & rice just to keep something in his stomach and he barely touched it. Then I made the switch and was worried since I didn’t transition his food, but he transitioned to your food wonderfully and after 2 days, the upset stomach stopped and no diarrhea. We have been using your dog food for about 1 1/2 months now and he has such a healthy coat and his stools have never been this firm. Keep up the good work with your products and you now have a customer for life!

New Castle, PA