Because your cat is the obligate or “true” carnivore. This means that eating meat is biologically essential for their survival.  It is highly important that meat and not grains, makes up the majority of your cat’s food.

Some cat foods contain a majority of plant proteins, such as corn, wheat or soy as the leading ingredients. These plants do not contain all the necessary amino acids present in meat, that are critical for the health of your cat. (Amino acids are the chief components of protein.) Cats also can’t digest plant-based foods efficiently, nor do plant-based foods provide the nutrients felines require. Cats can consume a small amount of plant material, (we’ll talk about why your cat likes to eat grass next time) but the less carbs, the better – for optimal health!

The quality of the protein you feed your cat is also important. Better quality proteins have higher biological values, meaning they are easier for the body to digest, absorb, and make use of.  NutriSource and Pure Vita cat foods are made with high quality proteins, have no meat by-products and meat is the leading ingredient in the food. There is no corn, wheat or soy in any of our cat foods and the grain free kibble contains only peas as the starch that is needed to form the kibble.

Did you know that your domesticated kitty cat is very similar biologically and behaviorally to the wild cats, i.e. lions and tigers?

Cats in the wild don’t normally drink a lot of water, they obtain the moisture needed from the prey animals they eat, so if you are feeding dry kibble, make sure your cat drinks a good amount of water and/or feed canned food. Canned foods contain more moisture.  We’ve got great, canned, grain free cat food in three flavors, chicken, turkey and beef.

So if cats do not normally eat plants, why do they occasionally munch on grass? Find out more in our next blog post!