There's a new flavor of Pure Vita grain free dog food that is replacing the Pure Vita Bison.

I know many of you liked buying our Pure Vita Bison because your dogs really loved eating it.

We also know how frustrating it was when you could not buy it in your favorite independent pet food stores. One day it was there, another it was not, then it was….difficult.  

We were frustrated too – at Tuffy's pet foods, (part of KLN Family Brands), we could no longer consistently find enough of a regular source of USA grown bison to purchase. And believe me, Kenny and Charlie Nelson (owners of Tuffy's pet foods) scoured the country trying.

The reason there is a shortage of bison available for us to buy, is that human consumption of bison has greatly increased and this has lead to a shortage for the pet industry.

As Tuffy's has historically maintained a pretty constant supply of source ingredients, not knowing when or how much bison they could get for the foreseeable future, just wouldn't do.

It was time to look for a different protein. Many of you asked "why not beef?"

PV-GFBeef-DogIntroducing Pure Vita Grain Free Beef dog food where the beef comes from Colorado, USA. Dog parents are letting us know it's a full tail wag of approval as their canines are gobbling it down. And remember it's got our Good4Life system in it with all of the best absorbed minerals and special pre and probiotics to ensure and maintain optimal health. Check out our blog about Good4Life if you haven't read it.

Another new ingredient we put in the beef Pure Vita is lentils.You see, to make dry pet food, a starchy vegetable is used to bind the kibble together.  In our Pure Vita Turkey and Salmon food we have been using peas but in the beef flavor we've switched to lentils. Why? Many good health reasons.

Find out what they are in the next blog.