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Video: KLN Family Brands with Kenny and Charlie Nelson

Published: 05/16/2011
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Watch a video on KLN Family Brands with Kenny and Charlie Nelson. From our family to yours!



  1. My dogs have been using your senior formula for a week now. They love it so much that I can hardly put it down for them and it is gone. They have never done this with anyother dog food.

    I especially like the fact that you are a family owned company and won’t be selling out to all different companies.

    Will keep using you food.

    Carol Wilson

  2. Your food is fantastic!! My wife Amy and I have two dogs and a cat and all three of them are on NutriSource. They love the food and all three of these pets look and act great!! Thank You NutriSource:)

    • Thanks Mr. Schlitz. Glad to have you aboard!


  3. I run a dog rescue with an average of 15-20 dogs in my home at any time. Over the last ten years I’ve fed a variety of foods including NutriSource, Nutrience, Acana and Innova. The dogs always did great on NutriSource but it was not available for a couple of years here so I had to feed other brands. We now have a local distributor again so I’ve switched back to NS and the dogs love it. They are healthy, they love the food, their stools are healthy, and I recommend the food to anyone looking for a reasonably priced good quality dog food.

  4. just switched to nutri source! im a chef in the bay area and we try to support local, companies with a good back ground, and quality product. i glad to support a usa product, and also support my local feed store. so it is a win-win ! please keep the good job up!

    • We greatly appreciate your support! We hope that your dogs and or cats succeed off of our products!

      Thanks again!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  5. Your large breed adult Nutri Source was the answer for my 3 year old St.Bernard’s loose stools…cronic problem…our vet couldn’t diagnose the problem. Our local pet supply store in Tecumseh, MI (Red Mill) recommended your product to solve the issue with its probiotics & prebiotics It worked immediately! Our boy, Griffin, is now a healthy and filled out St.Bernard. Thanks!

    • We’re extremely happy to hear the great news!!!!

  6. Your family makes a great food that my dogs love! I finally feel confident in knowing im feeding my dogs the best product available! They are totally different dogs on the food. We feed the grain free bison. You can tell just on how they are acting that they are much healthier! Thier stool is always firm now, they just happen to go a bit more than before lol. I just wish we had a store closer to us. We live in niagara falls, but have to drive about 20-35mins depending on traffice to buy the food. Hopefully you will be able to stock the food ikn a local pet store near niagara falls or grand island soon. Again, I cant begin to tell you how much we love the food! Thanks again!

    • Frank,

      We greatly appreciate the support!! We’re very happy to hear that your dogs are thriving on our product!! Keep an eye on our Dealer locator as we’re adding new dealers often!!

      Thanks again

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  7. Do you samples with a pamphlet I can give to my new puppy owners with in their puppy packet? Is there a section somewhere to order samples for breeders?

    • Stephanie,

      Would you please contact me at jschmitz@klnfamilybrands.com and I will be more than happy to help you!


      NutriSource Pet Foods

  8. I just bought my first bag of your nutrisource lamb meal and rice dog food. My little rescue dog Lily loves it (though in all honesty I must say, she has never met a food she didn’t like–she is not a picky eater!). I chose your brand because I got disgusted with recalls on some big mass produced foods, and yours was recommended as a small family run business with a very good reputation for quality and safety. Plus you are in my homeland–Minnesota! I am now living in Seattle but grew up in Winona, Minnesota and am very happy to be supporting a Minnesota business! I enjoyed watching the video of Kenny and Charlie and wish your business continued success.

    • Ruth,

      Thank you for the support! We greatly appreciate it! Let us know how Lilly does on our product!

      NutriSource Pet Foods


    • Helen,

      Please let us know how your dog does on our product! Thank you for the support we greatly appreciate it!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  10. We adopted a 5 month old golden retriever and thought we had her on a good dog food program from a local pet/garden store here in idaho (zamzows) we believed the hype that their food was top notch. Come to find out it was sub par. A small business here in Boise suggested Nutrisouce because of our dogs ear problems and higher quality. On her 3rd bag of no grain diet her ears are so much better we don’t need to clean them so often. And her stool is, well better. When i researched Nutrisource online it was very recommended by top dog food sites. Bella our golden loves it and we love the fact that it is american made by a family business. Thanks Kenny, Charlie and all.
    Kevin , Linda & Bella Beans

    • Thank you for your comments we greatly appreciate them! We take great pride in our products and it’s great to hear your appreciation!

      Thanks again!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  11. Hello.

    My name is Candina. I am urgently trying to find a new food that is compatible for my dogs who have sensative stomachs and sensative skin. I have had them on science diet most of their lives and it has not let me down. But…due to some health issues they changed the food on several occassions and now they wont go back to it. They seem to like organic more natural foods, So I am looking to try yours. I came across it while looking for home remedies (google) for skin irritations and bad itching.

    Can you tell me if you have any food that may assist with this? One of my dogs (sadly) is also losing a huge amount of weight, yet doctors say their is nothing they see wrong. He is usually a beautiful 70-75lbs bearded collie/aredale mix. But very skinny now. maybe 50 lbs. if that. Although he still remains very beautiful, under his coat is shedding very rapidly, getting dry, and now very itchy skin with red raw patches.

    I don’t have any extra money, and my job is only part time 2 days a week, but I am willing to do what it takes to save my dog, even miss a mortgage payment if I have tooo. Please help.

    I need some infor on your food products and please be truthful if you think they can help him. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Candina,

      If you would please contact out customer service department at 1-800-525-9155. We do have a Holistic (Purve Vita) and Organic (Natural Planet Organics) which I feel would be a great product for your dogs. I would like for you to talk with our customer service department and they will be able to give you all the details!

      Thank you!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  12. Thank you Kenny & Charlie for a fantastic superior dog food! My 3 jack russels love their meal time & snack time too! I get Nutrisource from a specialty pet store (The Doggie Bag). Ive always strived to feed my dogs High Quality food & yours is the best in my book! will continue to share the good news. Keep up the awesome work!!

    • Betsy,

      If you would please contact our customer service department they will be able to assist you! 1-800-525-9155


      NutriSource Pet Foods

  13. Your grain-free bison “Nutri-Source” caught my eye today, here in southern Oregon. I am interested in ancestrally correct food for my beloved Sally, a precious, two-year old cocker-poodle mix. It just makes sense to feed her something that her body’s cells understand. The clerk at our local grange co-op was very excited about Nutri-Source and had been to a training on it, which surprised and impressed me a lot. A company that expects its sellers to know about their product? How awesome! She suggested that I mix Nutri-Source with Sally’s current food for a while to get her system used to it. So I mixed them and heard her crunching away immediately. When I checked her bowl, I had to laugh! She had picked out and eaten all the Nutri Source and left all the other kibble beside her bowl on the floor! I can take a hint. Of all the simple, essential pleasures in life, our pets are at the top of the list. They are emotional filters for us, and they give us far more than they would ever take. I’m so grateful to a family-owned pet food maker who cares this much about someone who means the world to me. Thank you!

    • Jacque,

      Thank you for the kind words! We take great pride in our products and greatly appreciate our customers. We’re very excited to hear Sally has taken a liking to our product! Please let us know if you have any questions!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  14. I just bought my first bag of NutriSource grain free and am switching my Salukis over gradually. Their reaction to the taste was tremendous, and I’m already seeing improvement in the less than firm stools I’d been scooping of late. Add to that the stability of a family owned company endorsed by Whole Dog Journal, and I believe my perpetual search for a dog food with the quality I require at a price I can afford has finally come to an end. I feel blessed to have found your product within a 20 minute drive from my house! Thank you!

    • Kim,

      We’re very happy to hear your good news! We take great pride in our products and we strive to be the best! We greatly appreciate your business; please let us know if you have any questions!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  15. I have (2) four year old blue Great Dane males. I have fed them both NutriSource since they were 12 weeks old. They are very happy and very healthy.

    Thanks for putting out a great product.

    • We take great pride in our products and greatly appreciate your kind words!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

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    • Thanks for your support! We greatly appreciate it!

      NutriSource Pet Foods!

  17. Hi there, I enjoy reading through your article.
    I like to write a little comment to support

  18. Thank you for your support Dan we greatly appreciate it!!

    NutriSource Pet Foods

  19. I have twoo small dogs. One had a problem with her stool once in awhile my other little girl started to have mild seizures. I put them both on Nutri Source and both are very healthy. No more seizures.

    • Glad to hear the great news!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  20. We put our Buster (Mini Schnauzer) in a local kennel. Upon getting him after 10 days the owner suggested I try a product they use to feed their kennel dogs. As I went to the store today I bumped into the owner of the kennel. He told me he feeds his personal dogs Nutrisource. I thought if the owner of this well respected kennel uses it then it’s what I should buy. Tonight when I fed Buster, he didn’t leave a morsel in the bowl. He’s never done that. Time will tell how he will respond over the long haul, but I’m very pleased to learn this is a family owned company dedicated to providing organic feed. In fact I’m so impressed in that never in my 48 years of life have I ever written to a feed company. Thanks again!

    • Tommy,

      Than you for the kind words, we’re very excited that Buster is taking a liking to our products. Thanks for the support and the business as we greatly appreciate it.

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  21. Lundborg Land recommended we feed our German Shepherds Nutrisource and we haven’t been more pleased with the results. In the past, we always dealt with digestive issues with other dog food brands but we have never in the past year since using your product had a single issue with either of our dogs. And they love it too!!

    Thank you gentlemen!

  22. I have been feeding my dog Buddy your food for over 4 years. Prior to finding your product my dog had digestive problems, very gassy and wet stools, etc…your food is the only one his system agrees with. He has a very shiny coat and everyone comments on it. We recently switched to the grain free bison food and he is doing even better than before, he has more energy!! I too wish your product was easier to find.
    I have a question though: I no longer eat tortured meat and dairy products (slaughter house products) and I was wondering if you could tell me how the bison is prepared for slaughter. Are these animals free roaming for example? Are they humanely treated and killed?

    thank you,