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(Episode # 96) How to Ward off Dogs Intent on Attacking Your Dog & Stopping Your Cat from Dashing out Doors.

Published: 06/29/2021
Two Cats Looking through Glass Door at Dog Outside

Full Show Notes.

Introduction Timestamps : 00:00 – 01:09

Segment 1: 01:13 – 06:50

Who is the most famous dog in the world?  It may surprise you to know, he isn’t even real yet he says words that we, human beings would often like to say.  In today’s creature feature I’ll share some fun facts about this character that most children know and love, and many adults still fondly remember.

Segment 2: 06:52 – 25:05

Continuing my conversation with dog aggression expert, Michael Shikashio, CDBC, (aggressivedog.com) we talk about what to do if you are out walking your dog and suddenly one or more dogs becomes aggressive and start attacking your dog – how to ward them off and stay safe yourself. We also cover why other dogs may join in when only one originally attacked.

How to know if a dog wants to be petted by an asking child and then how to correctly and safely pet the unfamiliar dog.  See the companion blog.

Segment 3: 25:08 – 30:17

Does your cat seem to have a preoccupation with open doors – making mad dashes to go through them?  It can be hard to catch the cat if it gets outside or they can run off, become lost and never return. Door dashing can be a real problem for many people. In this episode, I explain some ways to make the door unpleasant so the feline will want to stay away from it.

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 Additional Resources

Source for the story about Snoopy – “Dog’s Best Friend” by Simon Garfield.

Michael Shikashio’s website:  Aggressivedog.com.

Michael Shikashio CDBC

Listen to Michael’s podcast – The Bitey End of The Dog.

Source for the Story about door dashing cats – “ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems in your MULTI-CAT Household. By Amy Shojai.