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(Episode #89) Medicating Pets CAN be Much Easier & 5 Things to Know About Small Breed Dogs.

Published: 03/23/2021
pet owner holding pill in front of dog's face

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Introduction Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:16

Segment 1: 01:20 -02:50

In this week’s creature feature hear about how a man’s grocery shopping trip cost him a whole lot more – thanks to his dogs.

Segment 2 – Guest Conversation: 02:53 – 26:09

Do you find it almost impossible to get medicine in your pets at times? As you struggle and fight to get pills or drops in them, do you find yourself thinking, “there has got to be an easier way”? Well, there is.  And it has to do with changing the form of the medicine. My guest is Dr. Alan Chan, a pharmacist with the Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy in Novato, California, and he’s going to tell you about how through the technique of compounding drugs, you can eliminate the stress, scratching, screaming that you go through and at the same time provide a better experience for the animals as well.

Segment 3: 26:13 – 36:39

Are you thinking about if you want to get a small breed dog rather than a large one?  Many people ask are small dogs better?  The answer comes down to what size dog is best for you.  A good way to figure this out is to know some of the broad differences between the small and large breeds and match a dog with your activity level, physical, financial and/or time limitations you may have, rather than how they look. In this episode, I’ll explain 5 important aspects about small dogs for you to consider.

For more differences between small and large dogs see the companion blog (89).


Additional Resources for The Show.

Source for the creature feature story – “Exploding Pigs and Other Bizarre Animal Stories” by Ian Simmons.

Dr. Alan Chan, veterinary compounding pharmacist.

Dr. Alan Chan, Pharm.D.


three dogs from large to very small.

Alan Chan’s dogs who have also posed some problems taking medicine and have been helped by compounding.