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(Episode #88) A Vet That Helps Pets of The Homeless & Dog Leashing Etiquette for Humans.

Published: 03/09/2021
Dr. Kwane Stewart helping a dog on the street

Full show notes for this episode.

Introduction Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:06

Segment one: 01:08 – 04:27

For this week’s Creature Feature, you’ll hear two stories, about a dog and a cat that unknowingly caused a “bit” of panic that resulted in the police being called.

Segment two – guest conversation: 04:30 – 31:21

Then, hear stories from my guest, Dr. Kwane Stewart, known as the “Street Vet” about his experiences treating pets of the homeless in Los Angeles, California. For the last 9 years, Dr. Stewart has spent time walking the neighborhoods looking for people living on the streets that have pets that might need some veterinary care.  He’s called the Street Vet because dressed in scrubs, with his medical bag in hand, he stops and offers a smile, and then, if the owner accepts, a professional veterinary exam. Right then, right there. For free.

See the video of the conversation between me and Dr. Kwane both on our Raising Your Paws Facebook page and on the companion Vlog page for this episode.  On the Vlog page, there are more photos of the people and pets Dr. Kwane has helped.

Segment three: 31:23 – 37:25

Next, an etiquette guideline for us humans with dogs to get along well with other humans with dogs.  If you are walking or playing with your unleashed dog in a public place other than a legitimate, sanctioned dog park, and you see an unfamiliar leashed dog in the distance, it’s best to leash your dog right away. I’ve got a story about this very situation with Rosy and another dog, that explains how practicing leash etiquette, we can all keep our dogs safe from harm.

 Additional Resources for the show.

Source for the creature feature stories – “Exploding Pigs and Other Bizarre Animal Stories” by Ian Simmons.

Dr. Kwane Stewart and small dog standing on his shoulders licking man's ear.

Dr. Kwane Stewart. Photo credit, Dr. Kwane Stewart.

See the video of the conversation on our Raising Your Paws Facebook page.

Dr. Kwane Stewart’s Facebook page.

Dr. Kwane Stewart’s You tube channel.

Project Street Vet website.