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(Episode # 87) Solutions for Allergic Cat Lovers & Where the Term “Kitty Corner” Originated.

Published: 02/24/2021
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Full Show Notes for this Episode.

Introduction Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:10

Segment 1:  1:13 – 03:45

Today’s creature feature is about a diamond in the ruff.  Hear a story about a dog named Duque, a mutt that was worth 15,000 dollars, at least while the diamond ring he had swallowed, was inside of his stomach.

Segment 2: 03:49 – 44:27

Are you allergic to cats? Or you may not be, but one of your family members is? Wish you could have a cat or already do and suffer the consequences of your allergic reactions? Cat allergies can seem like a really hopeless problem.  My guest today, Diane Morgan is the author of “The Sneeze-Free Cat Owner: Allergy Management & Breed Selection for the Allergic Cat Lover” and her suggestions for how to treat your allergy, and changes you can make in the home will give you hope and help you realize there is much more you can do to lessen or eliminate symptoms than you might have known about. Cats and cat allergies can co-exist.

white colored hairless Sphynx cat.

Hairless Sphynx Cat.

In the episode, I mentioned there would be photographs of the hypoallergenic cats being spoken about in my conversation with Diane. I have placed them on the companion blog for this episode along with some other tips. 

Segment 3: 44:30 – 46:29

Have you ever wondered where the term “kitty corner” comes from? It describes something that is diagonal to or from us, but why do we say this? What does it have to do with cats? Absolutely nothing, actually. Curious?  I’ll explain in this episode.


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Additional Resources for the show.

Source for the story about the diamond in the ruff – “Amazing but True Dog Tales” by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, compiled by Muriel MacFarlane.

orange book cover of The Sneeze-Free Cat Owner.

Diane Morgan, author of “The Sneeze-Free Cat Owner.”

How to order “The Sneeze-Free Cat Owner: Allergy management & Breed Selection for the Allergic Cat Lover” by Diane Morgan.

To see photos of “hypoallergenic” cats, spoken about in segment 2, visit the blog page for this episode #87 here. 

Source for the story about the term, kitty corner – “A Fine Kettle of Fish: And 150 Other Animal Expressions” by Michael Macrone.